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Protect Your Crew with Quality Marine Safety Equipment

Your One-Stop Shop for Marine Safety Supplies

Whether you’re a commercial fishing enterprise or recreational boater, keeping your team, your family and friends, and yourself safe at sea is the most important aspect of being out on the water. Marine Chandlery Supplies has a vast inventory of marine safety equipment and expert staff to help you find the right products to stay safe in all types of conditions while out on the water.

Ensure Commercial Fishing Compliance with Marine Safety Equipment in the UK

The Marine Chandlery Supplies team has been providing marine safety equipment in the UK since 1980. We’ve dealt with all types of vessels in many different industries. Our experience can help you meet MCA compliance regulations on your commercial fishing vessel. We can help you stay within your budget while keeping your team safe and secure in all conditions. Find a large inventory of lifejackets, fire extinguishers, distress flares and modern technology for marine safety in our showroom or you can order online for shipping throughout Ireland and UK. Looking for something special? Let our team help you find the right safety supplies at our value prices.

Boat and Yacht Safety Equipment

Recreational boaters, whether boating internationally or locally, can’t afford to scrimp on yacht and boat safety equipment. We have a large inventory of life rafts, immersion suits, fire extinguishers, signs, and on-board safety supplies. We can answer your questions and help you evaluate your boat or yacht’s safety and fill in the gaps with equipment to maintain safety while on board.

Technology and Safety Equipment

Modern technology gives you even more options for safety on board. Electronic rescue devices have different applications with GPS capability for emergency rescues. An Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon is registered to a vessel, while a Personal Locator Beacon is used by individuals and attaches to a life jacket. Although not every vessel needs these devices, we can help you determine which devices work for your application.

Get the Right Safety Equipment for Your Vessel

Marine Chandlery Supplies, the premier name among marine safety equipment suppliers, is here to help you find the equipment you need. We use our experience and knowledge to guide you in buying the right marine safety equipment for your boating style. Quality customer service is our goal to help you find competitive prices for all your safety needs.

Browse through our online store or call us to ask for assistance.

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