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Among the Top Marine Chandlers in the UK

Marine Chandlery Supplies Is Your One-Stop Shop for Marine Supplies

Historically, in medieval times, a chandlery was responsible for wax and candles. Over time, commercial chandlers started supplying ships with necessary equipment, giving rise to the term ship-chandleries. Today, a marine chandlery is a store where you can find essential goods for all types of water vessels. Marine Chandlery Supplies is an online marine chandlery that stocks a large inventory of marine supplies at great prices for shipping throughout the UK and Ireland.

Marine Chandlery Essentials

Our marine chandlery store in the UK stocks a wide selection of marine equipment for commercial, professional and leisure needs. Here are a few of our product categories:

  • Commercial fishing gear, rope, knives, buoys, and floats
  • Marine clothing, footwear, waterproof outerwear, and oilskins
  • Safety, life jackets, signs and other equipment
  • Chandlery, anchors, paint, pumps, clamps and maintenance for water vessels
  • Oils, grease, and aerosols for boats

Our team prides itself for customer service. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in our online catalogue, just call and ask us to help you find it.

Why Shopping at a Marine Chandlery Online Store Makes Sense

You have many places where you can buy supplies for boating and yachting. Why should you choose the leading marine chandlers in the UK instead of a discount store? At Marine Chandlery Supplies, we provide more than a catalogue of marine supplies. You get our experience and knowledge of the industry. Since 1980, we’ve been providing supplies for commercial and recreational boaters and yachters. Our team has practical knowledge of boating, so we can assist you in finding the right equipment to fit your needs.

We stock well-known brands known for quality. Whether you’re making repairs or restoring a boat to its former glory, we know marine vessels and what will work for your boating needs. We aren’t just an online retailer for marine supplies. You can call us to get face-to-face service that is personal and unique. Our goal is to help you have a better experience on the water with the right equipment.

You’ll find great prices in our online marine chandlery store. We understand that you want your supplies quickly. We ship throughout the UK and Ireland without delay when items are in stock. Start your search for marine supplies for your vessel.

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