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Oils and Grease

Oils and Grease

Marine Oils and Grease for Your Boats

Marine Lubricants, Aerosols, Grease, and Oils

Marine Chandlery Supplies carries a wide range of marine oil, grease, and aerosols. Learn more about choosing what to use and how to use it.

Marine Engine Oil

Marine diesel engine oil is specially formulated for different types of engines. Buy the right oil for your engine. Check with the manufacturer to know what type of oil is recommended. Motor oil that is formulated for marine use offers added protection against rust and corrosion that regular motor oil doesn’t. Marine engines are under more stress than automotive engines, which requires a motor oil designed to handle the load. We recommend buying high quality marine lubricating oil to take care of your engine. Saving a few dollars on oil won’t benefit you if it damages your engine. Fortunately, Marine Chandlery Supplies believes in giving you great prices on marine supplies.

Boat Grease

Marine grease is vital for lubricating engine steering or trailer bearings. Again, choose high quality grease. Know the right grease for the application. Don’t mix different types of marine grease. If you are using synthetic marine grease, don’t mix it with non-synthetic. Don’t mix waterproof and non-waterproof types of grease. Keep a few cartridges on hand in case of any sort of emergency.

Marine Aerosols

Silicone sprays, such as Never Seez or WD-40, can be great to have in your arsenal of maintenance equipment. You may need to loosen rusted screws or nuts. WD-40 is great for keeping parts from sticking together. Choose high-quality products that are suitable for marine use.

Not Sure What Marine Grease Fits Your Needs?

If you’re shopping for marine gearbox oil or other marine aerosols, it can be confusing to sort through the selection. The Marine Chandlery Supplies team can help you choose the right oil or grease for your application when you contact us. Since 1980, we’ve been helping boat owners find the right marine equipment to get more out of their time on the water. Just tell us about your engine and maintenance needs.

Marine Chandlery Supplies has a large selection of marine grease for UK boat enthusiasts. We ship throughout Ireland and the UK to keep your boat at peak performance. Proper lubrication of your boat’s engine and parts extends the life of your boat and helps you avoid expensive repairs.

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