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Boat Maintenance and Repair Supplies

Whether you have a job of work to do on a commercial vessel or a labour of love on your pride and joy Marine Chandlery Supplies has a large selection of boat maintenance supplies to keep your boat in great condition all year long.

Although we can’t give you a specific checklist for your boat, we can offer these tips for maintaining your boat for optimum comfort, value, and enjoyment.

Know Your Boat

Maintaining a boat isn’t easy, but there are a lot of resources that can help you, even if you don’t have a background in engineering or technical skills. Find your boat’s engine manual from the manufacturer. You can learn to handle simple tasks on your own and get to know your boat’s engine with this information. If you do hire professionals to do harder work, ask questions and learn as much as possible from them. Choose your own boat repair supplies to make sure you get the quality you want.

Create Your Own Boat Maintenance and Repair Checklist

You know your boat and boating style better than anyone, so create a plan that fits your needs. Every time you get on board, go through the maintenance list. After 50 to 100 hours of operation, go over the engine checklist. It takes time, but detailed maintenance pays off in value and longevity of your boat. You’ll be safer on the water when you maintain your boat to high standards.

Keep Up with Cleaning

Dirt, mildew, and mould build up quickly on a boat. Be a clean freak and clean your boat often. It might sound counterintuitive, but frequent, thorough cleaning more often leads to less cleaning overall. Get good cleaning products and boat maintenance equipment from a marine supply store to keep grime from accumulating on your deck, upholstery, and gear. Pay attention to fraying rope and lines. Watch for damage to the different parts of your boat. Don’t wait to replace and repair. When you’re at sea and something breaks down, it could be the difference between getting home safely or not.

Marine Chandlery Supplies is your one-stop shop for marine supplies. We’ll help you maintain your boat for maximum enjoyment and safety.

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